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Balah El Sham - The Middle Eastern Churros
Arabic Samosa or Sambousek Recipe

Sambousek Recipe – The Arabic Samosa

There are many ways of spelling this recipe, some call it Sambousek or Sambousak or even Sambosa. The recipe is similar to the Indian Samosa which I was surprised to find out through Wikipedia originated in the Middle East. Sambousek is a hot Mezze dish that is made of fried stuffed dough, similar to the Indian samosa […]

Coffee Marble Cake

Yogurt Coffee Marble Cake

Zahra Bi Laban - Cauliflower In Yogurt Sauce

Zahra Bi Laban (Cauliflower In Yogurt Sauce)

It couldn’t get any more home-cooking than this. Zahra Bi Laban is something you won’t find being served in any restaurants. This is something I grew up eating and is one of my favorite dishes. Zahra meaning cauliflower and bi laban means in yogurt. Its a traditional dish that can be found in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, […]

Roasted Chicken With Vegetables
Broccoli soup

Broccoli Soup

No Butter Garlic bread

No Butter Garlic bread

I made this no butter garlic bread to serve it along side the broccoli soup. I didn’t feel the need to add any butter as I added the mozzarella cheese. This no butter garlic bread perfectly complimented the soup, so I will be making it again.   You will need: Basic dough 2 garlic cloves, minced […]

Mfasakha (Another Eggplant Dip)

Mfasakha (Another Eggplant Dip)

When I started updating the blog I was surprised to find this recipe posted. This is something my mom makes when we have extra fried eggplants. It really simply and delicious. It is commonly known in Palestine as Mfasakha. I know it sounds complicated to say but it means torn apart in Arabic. So it […]

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