No Butter Garlic bread

No Butter Garlic bread

I made this no butter garlic bread to serve it along side the broccoli soup. I didn’t feel the need to add any butter as I added the mozzarella cheese. This no butter garlic bread perfectly complimented the soup, so I will be making it again.   You will need: Basic dough 2 garlic cloves, minced […]


Arayes (Pita Bread Stuffed With Meat)

Arayes is a barbecue dish in the Levant countries. Its basically pita bread stuffed with spiced meat. The spiced meat used in the stuffing is similar to that of Sfiha, but the sumac in this case is optional. Some people even stuff the arayes with Kofta, but I personally think it completely changes the flavor. Ideally the […]


Ground Meat Phyllo Pie

Ground Meat Phyllo Pie, commonly known as Goullash with meat or “Goullash Bi Lahma” in Egypt .  Goullash is the Arabic name for phyllo dough. This recipe comes from a distant relative who was also my grandma’s best friend. She is a great cook and my mama learned the recipe from her. While researching about this […]



Sfiha is a traditional pizza-like dish. It has many variation and is made differently from one country to another. There are two ways of making Sfiha, one is made with tomatoes, like in this recipe, while the other is with Tahini sauce. Sfiha is a basic yeast dough, similar to a pizza dough, that is stuffed with a […]

Bassima recipe

Bassima Recipe

This recipe comes all the way from Egypt. Bassima is a very traditional Egyptian coconut dessert. I got this Bassima recipe from a very dear lady. She is my grandma’s best friend and a relative too. I love you Tata Umm Abdo. Since we tried this recipe, it has become a family favorite. Its easy to make […]

Angel Food Cake
Stuffed Mini Loaf
Super Moist Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Over the years I tried many chocolate cakes. Only two recipes I have fallen in love with. One is my Mama’s chocolate cake, which is rich dense and delicious and the other is this moist chocolate cake . I’m sure you too will fall in love with it as its chocolaty, rich, and super moist. Perfect for any […]

Sponge Cake - Mixing in the flour

Sponge Cake

This is just a basic sponge cake recipe. Its the same one I used for making many cakes such as this Cinnamon Cake this Strawberry Cake. The flavor of this cake can be changed by omitting the vanilla extract and adding the flavor of choice. The flavor might be cinnamon, lemon, orange, of even almond extract. […]

Basic Dough Recipe

Basic Dough Recipe

  This is a very simple and basic dough recipe which can be used for fatayer, sfiha, stuffed bread, pizza, calzone, and much more. Generally in middle eastern cuisine and specifically in Palestinian cuisine we bake a lot. Much of our cuisine include different types of stuffed dough; some of which I will be posting about. I […]