Arabic Samosa or Sambousek Recipe

Sambousek Recipe – The Arabic Samosa

There are many ways of spelling this recipe, some call it Sambousek or Sambousak or even Sambosa. The recipe is similar to the Indian Samosa which I was surprised to find out through Wikipedia originated in the Middle East. Sambousek is a hot Mezze dish that is made of fried stuffed dough, similar to the Indian samosa […]

Zahra Bi Laban - Cauliflower In Yogurt Sauce

Zahra Bi Laban (Cauliflower In Yogurt Sauce)

It couldn’t get any more home-cooking than this. Zahra Bi Laban is something you won’t find being served in any restaurants. This is something I grew up eating and is one of my favorite dishes. Zahra meaning cauliflower and bi laban means in yogurt. Its a traditional dish that can be found in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, […]

Roasted Chicken With Vegetables

Arayes (Pita Bread Stuffed With Meat)

Arayes is a barbecue dish in the Levant countries. Its basically pita bread stuffed with spiced meat. The spiced meat used in the stuffing is similar to that of Sfiha, but the sumac in this case is optional. Some people even stuff the arayes with Kofta, but I personally think it completely changes the flavor. Ideally the […]


Ground Meat Phyllo Pie

Ground Meat Phyllo Pie, commonly known as Goullash with meat or “Goullash Bi Lahma” in Egypt .  Goullash is the Arabic name for phyllo dough. This recipe comes from a distant relative who was also my grandma’s best friend. She is a great cook and my mama learned the recipe from her. While researching about this […]

Kofta With Tahini Sauce

Kofta With Tahini Sauce

As I promised before, I will be posting more Kofta recipes. This time its Kofta with Tahini Sauce. By now, I think everyone is familiar with Tahini. Its sesame seed paste. Tahini is used a lot in the Middle Eastern  cuisine. Hummus and Mutabal are an example of that.  This kofta with tahini sauce is something I […]

Chicken Basil Salad


Musakhan is a traditional Palestinian dish. Like any other dish you can find some variations from one family to another, but the basics are always there. Its basically chicken, onion and bread. Traditionally its served differently than how I will be showing in this recipe, but the flavor is just the same. It will be easy […]

Pasta With Sausage And Peas

Pasta With Sausage And Peas

This is a recipe I created yesterday after watching something similar on TV. Its farfelle pasta with sausage and peas. I was just in a creative mode and wanted to try something new. I liked the idea of using sausages instead of normal minced meat and thought it would add to the flavors. The sweetness of the […]