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Bassima recipe

Bassima Recipe

This recipe comes all the way from Egypt. Bassima is a very traditional Egyptian coconut dessert. I got this Bassima recipe from a very dear lady. She is my grandma’s best friend and a relative too. I love you Tata Umm Abdo. Since we tried this recipe, it has become a family favorite. Its easy to make […]

Sugar Syrup

Sugar Syrup

Most of the Middle Eastern desserts are made using this basic recipe of sugar syrup, which is commonly known as Atir in Arabic. Its a combination of sugar and water which is flavored with either rosewater or orange blossom water, depending on the recipe its used in. Usually after the dessert is baked, then its […]

Kofta with Tomato and Potato

Kofta With Tomato And Potato

Here is a way of using the Kofta recipe that I showed you in the previous post. It’s Kofta with Tomato and Potato. Similar to a meatloaf but in my opinion more flavorful. In this recipe, the kofta mix is spread in an oven dish then topped with tomatoes and potatoes, and baked to perfection. […]

Pineapple Dessert

Pineapple Dessert

This recipe has no name, so I’m simply going to call it Pineapple Dessert. Its a dessert that reminds me of my childhood. Something my mom used to make as a side dessert every birthday. Its simple and light. Nothing special here to be honest. Its just something you can whip up and serve in […]

Chicken Salad


Rice soup

Rice Soup

Angel Food Cake