White Cheese Spread

This is a simple white cheese spread recipe flavored with dried mint. It can be used as a dip, a crostini or in recipes like Sfiha.

You can serve this white cheese spread as a dip with a side of toasted pita bread, or even make it into a Crostini and top it with tomatoes.

You will need:

  • 1 cup Feta cheese
  • 1/4 cup single cream *
  • 1 tablespoon dried mint

* Actually not exactly 1/4 cup, you need enough to make the feta not so salty. So it depends on the brand of cheese you are using. The saltier it is; the more you need. Just be careful not to add a lot and make the spread thin.


Simple Cheese Dip - crumble feta

Start by crumbling the feta cheese with a fork.

Simple Cheese Dip - add cream

Add the single cream, I used nestle table cream. If it isn’t available you can use any type of single cream. As I mentioned before, add as much as you need so the dip isn’t salty. Taste and judge. Just be careful not to add a lot or the spread will become too thin.

Simple Cheese Dip - add mint

Mix in the dried mint and stir until well blended.

Simple Cheese Dip - mix well

The spread is ready to be used in any way you like. I used this spread as a side in my Sfiha recipe.

Happy cooking, and as we say in Arabic “Sahha Wi Afia”

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    1. Hay becky …
      well single cream or table cream is like double or whipping cream but with lower fat content … table cream can be found in cans (not in the refrigirated section) of any market .. and single cream is usually found in the refrigirated section … but sour cream contains some salt .. so it might not work for this particular recipe … but u can try mixing sour cream with a lilttle of heavy cream … all we r looking for is to neutralize the salt in the recipe.. and make the mint taste show … hope this helps .. if not .. let me know 🙂

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